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Jantar mineral water

Negative influence of nitrates

Nitrates present in water have a negative impact on foetal development in mother’s womb.

A healthy lifestyle of pregnant women, which includes proper nutrition and hydration, is a basic, yet vital condition of a successful pregnancy and baby’s health. More and more research show that a pregnant woman’s diet affects the morbidity of future generations. Moreover, some medicine or substances present in food products may contribute to a proper foetal development. In addition to paying attention to some obvious substances used in medicine, it is also important to emphasize the role of water and potential impurities which can be found in it. They could be crucial for foetal development.  

According to research held in the USA, drinking water full of nitrates, impurity, which should definitely not be there, can increase the risk of congenital malformations among the young generation. Being exposed to nitrates in the first trimester is most dangerous, as it may later lead to foetal malformations.

Nitrates increase the risk of:

◦ blue baby syndrome,

◦ neural tube defects (NTDs),

◦ spina bifida and cleft palate.

It is believed that nitrosamines that appear in stomach and have teratogenic potential are responsible for it.

According to another research, women whose babies were born with some congenital malformations, were drinking more “nitrate-friendly” water that those whose babies were born healthy.

The research depicted that:

• Mothers whose daily consumption of nitrates in drinking water was around 5 mg, belonged to a group of women whose babies were born with spina bifida twice more often than newborns of mothers who were consuming only 0.91 mg of nitrates a day.

• Mothers whose daily consumption of nitrates in drinking water was over 5 mg (5,4 mg) were twice as much prone to the risk of giving birth to a child with limb paresis and cleft palate as mothers consuming only 1 mg of nitrates a day

The research was published in Environmental Health Perspectives.


During pregnancy caloric demand increases gradually, but from the very beginning there is very high demand for mineral elements. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the quality of substances and water consumed every day. The aim is to cut down on calories but, at the same time, supply products rich in nutritional value. In order to do this, it is advisable to drink medium-mineralized wateri.


During pregnancy the demand for many mineral constituents increases and it is especially important to pay attention to calcium, magnesium and iodine.


Jantar Water is not only a perfect source of minerals, but it is also a pure fluid free from harmful nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals and radiation, which unfortunately does not apply to all waters available on the market.


Medium-mineralized Jantar Water:

  • is naturally pure – nitrate content is very low,
  • contains minerals and electrolytes,
  • is tasty,
  • is naturally alkaline.

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